Custom Wedding Stationery

You came here to tell a story.  You came here for an experience.

Starting with your story, we will build your wedding stationery from the ground up.  The sky is the limit when it comes to artwork, paper, printing methods and embellishments.
Not only will your invitations be one of a kind, but so will the experience of creating them.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make our couples feel at ease with the design process.

Step 1. Inquiry & Design Consultation

the average FULLY custom client spends between
$5,000 - $7,000
for 100 full invitation suites

To begin the process of creating your custom wedding stationery, you will need to submit an official quote request form, linked HERE.  You can provide more details about your vision, your aesthetic preferences, and specific needs within the form, and I can get an idea of how I can best serve you.  The minimum investment for custom stationery is $3,000, and a limited number of clients will be served per year.  This allows me to give my clients the level of attention needed to execute a fully custom project. You have the option to set up a design consultation phone call, where we can go over your stationery needs, in detail, prior to receiving your proposal.

Step 2. Proposal and Booking

i WILL WORK WITH YOU TO MAKE SELECTIONS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET, while still achieving the overall design you wish to create

You will receive a customized proposal in about 2-5 business days after your design consultation.  That proposal will go into detail about the selections you made in the quote form, things that were discussed in our meeting, and a breakdown in pricing for those selections. You will also be given an estimated timeline for your project.  If pricing comes in significantly over your budget, I am happy to work with you to determine the best places to save and splurge within your design to better meet your ideal budget. 

When you are ready to book, there is a place within your quote form to let me know you're ready to move forward.  You will then be sent an invoice for a 30% retainer, that secures your position in my calendar as a client.  We will then work out any final details, like quantities and project details, in a scope of work agreement before moving to the design process.

Step 3. Concept Development

this is the fun part... you're about to see your vision come to life

During the concept development phase, I will gather some more detailed information from you about your event and design preferences. From there, I will get to work creating a design concept. A conceptual design proof will be sent that includes your color scheme, preliminary art sketches, and includes 2-3 design boards for you to review, provide feedback, and make selections from.

Step 4. Design Execution and Proofing

Nothing goes to print
without your
Stamp of approval

I will take your feedback from the design concept, and begin executing the final design by creating artwork, editing, and finalizing all the elements of your invitation suite. A digital mock up will be sent for you to view the entire suite together as a whole, and provide your feedback. I take your feedback from your proof and make any necessary changes to the design, before sending the final proof for your approval. After all of the adjustments have been made to your invitations, and you are 100% satisfied with the overall design, a Final Proof will be sent to you. You will look over every last detail, one more time with a fine tooth comb, and then confirm your approval with your signature. Your final payment will also be due at this time, and is required before anything is ordered on your behalf, or printed.